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Interested in volunteering on one of Our Commonwealth's committees? Apply here.

At Our Commonwealth much of the work toward achieving our organization's goals is achieved in our committees which are composed of both board members and community volunteers.


We have three committees: Education & Research, Civic Engagement, and #IamHER 

The Education & Research committee coordinates Our Commonwealth's work on its equal justice and racial reconciliation civics curriculum. The committee also administers the Rosetta Dodson Memorial scholarship program. The committee is also responsible for the creation and upkeep of the organization's research capabilities and assists the Civic Engagement committee with its advocacy efforts.

The Civic Engagement committee oversees Our Commonwealth's public outreach and engagement activities to include activities such as voter registration, raising public awareness on current issues related to our mission, and facilitating interaction between Nelson County's elected officials and voters.

The #IamHER committee oversees Our Commonwealth's activities as a part of the nationally-recognized domestic violence prevention, anti-human trafficking, and anti-bullying effort.

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